Variable State is the award-winning game studio owned by Jonathan Burroughs, Terry Kenny and Lyndon Holland.

Virginia is the studio's debut game, released in 2016 and published by 505 Games. The game was nominated for multiple awards, including 4 Independent Games Festival awards and 3 BAFTA awards. Virginia won the Writers' Guild Award for Best Writing in a Video Game. Virginia's composer and studio co-owner, Lyndon Holland, won the 2017 British Academy Games Award for Music.

Last Stop is the studio's second game and is published by Annapurna Interactive.

Press for Virginia

"The game that titles like Dear Esther, Gone Home and Firewatch have hinted at, but in a way that evolves the interactive narrative form way beyond anything we’ve seen before." - The Telegraph - ★★★★★

"As I watched the credits roll off my second play-through and the ramifications of absorbing a story in this peculiar way settled in, I shifted from technical admiration to awe." - TIME - 4.5 out of 5

"Such is its power and originality, I suspect Virginia will have significant influences over games yet to be conceived." - Polygon - 9 / 10

"Virginia is a taut thriller that strikes a fine balance between storytelling and interactivity in a way that narrative-driven first-person adventure games have not accomplished since their inception, thanks to its blend of classic cinema and exploration. It should not be missed." - Game Informer - 9.25 out of 10

"Virginia's an astonishing piece of narrative design, and a game that goes where few others are capable of following." - Eurogamer - Recommended

"Virginia devs honored at the U.K. Writer's Guild awards" - Gamasutra

"Virginia wins the Writers' Guild of Great Britain's prize for best game writing" - PC Gamer

"Nominees for 2017 Independent Games Festival Awards revealed. Virginia leads the way with four nominations." - GameSpot

"Virginia takes home the award for Music at The British Academy Games Awards 2017. Lyndon Holland gives an interview." - BAFTA