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Job Type: Permanent / Full-time
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Fully Remote (UK based)
Salary: Negotiable


• Leading project management for the whole project

• Establishing the studio’s production methodologies, contributing to decisions on scheduling and task tracking software

• Shepherding the studio culture and nurturing the healthy functioning of the team. Promoting good productivity, communication and teamwork and working to maintain a compassionate, collaborative work environment.

• Aligning ideas and vision with the studio owners. Protecting the creative vision as defined by the studio owners.

• Close collaboration with the leadership team - Design Director, Art Director, Audio Director and Lead Programmer

• Ensuring the delivery of the best game possible, in quality, time and budget

• Responsibility for meeting deadlines

• Optimising processes, resolving conflicts, ensuring effective time management. Engaging in regular internal communication with the team and external communication with publishing, middleware and outsourcing partners.

• Day-to-day team management and supervision

• Direction of the daily operations of the respective development team (including mentoring, early detection of potential risks, adherence to time limits and quality requirements)

Essential Requirements:

• 2-3 game shipped titles, at least 1 console - 7+ years experience

• Experience in various project management methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile

• Experience of different PM software (e.g. Jira, Hansoft, Trello)

• Proven leadership abilities and strong communication skills

• Assertiveness accompanied with excellent social skills and capacity for teamwork

• Strong ability to work under pressure and resolve problems and conflicts

• Experience in dealing with competitive requirements and priorities

• Ability to work in a dynamic and collaborative team environment

• Work autonomously whilst providing excellent transparency

• Good presentation skills

• Ability to foster a healthy, productive team environment in a remote setting

• Zero tolerance attitude to incidences of behaviour which disrupt the smooth operation of the team or undermine team morale or individual safety and well being e.g. bullying, intimidation, insensitive language, insubordinate or disruptive conduct, inconsiderate conduct, toxic attitudes


• Experience as a producer in a remote working environment

• Direct experience project managing teams of 15 or more

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